Thermowood Mini-Cube Sauna & Cold Plunge Bundle Review

Welcome to a fresh journey of well-being as we introduce the invigorating Thermowood Mini-Cube Sauna & Plunge Tub.

Starting a journey towards better health and relaxation can be super exciting, and the Thermowood Mini-Cube Sauna – Fire & Ice Bundle by Redwood Outdoors is here to kickstart that adventure.

With a price tag of $9,399, this isn’t just another purchase, it’s like bringing a piece of the spa right into your backyard. Imagine having the warmth of a sauna and the cool thrill of a plunge tub, all just steps away from your door.

As bio-hacking enthusiasts who love finding new ways to chill out and stay healthy, we can see why this combo is a game-changer. It’s all about mixing up the hot and the cold – kind of like enjoying a steamy cup of coffee followed by a refreshing smoothie. This bundle isn’t just about relaxing in style; it’s about making a choice to feel awesome, both inside and out.

Whether you’re trying to bounce back after a tough workout, looking for a new way to unwind after a long day, or just wanting to step up your health game, the Thermowood Mini-Cube Sauna and Plunge Tub has got your back.

It’s more than just a fancy feature for your home; it’s a new buddy in your wellness journey, ready to help you get cold, warm up, and feel great. Let’s dive into why this sauna-tub duo could be your next big thing in self-care.

thermowood mini-cube sauna

Understanding Contrast Therapy: The Science and Benefits

Contrast therapy, also known as hot/cold immersion therapy, involves alternating between hot and cold environments. This method has been used for centuries as a way to heal and rejuvenate the body.

Modern science has begun to uncover the numerous health benefits of this practice, making it a popular choice for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone looking to enhance their overall well-being.

The Mechanism Behind Contrast Therapy

  • Vasodilation and Vasoconstriction: Alternating between heat (vasodilation) and cold (vasoconstriction) helps in improving blood circulation. The heat expands blood vessels, increasing blood flow and delivering nutrients and oxygen to muscles. The cold, in turn, constricts blood vessels, reducing inflammation and flushing out toxins.
  • Enhanced Recovery: By improving circulation, contrast therapy aids in faster muscle recovery, reducing the time needed to heal after intense physical activity or injury.
  • Stress Reduction: The exposure to heat relaxes muscles and reduces tension, while cold exposure can help in lowering cortisol levels, the body’s primary stress hormone.

Health Benefits of Contrast Therapy

  • Boosted Immune System: Regular use of contrast therapy can strengthen the immune system. The stress imposed on the body through temperature changes stimulates an immune response.
  • Improved Mental Health: The therapy can have a positive impact on mental health, including better sleep quality and improved mood. The endorphin rush from the rapid temperature change is known to have a mood-lifting effect.
  • Chronic Pain Relief: For those suffering from chronic pain or conditions like arthritis, contrast therapy can offer relief by reducing inflammation and improving joint mobility.
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance: Many athletes use contrast therapy for its ability to speed up recovery time, allowing for more efficient training and improved performance.

How the Thermowood Mini-Cube Sauna and Plunge Tub Bundle Facilitates Contrast Therapy

The Thermowood Mini-Cube Sauna and Plunge Tub Bundle by Redwood Outdoors provides an ideal setup for practicing contrast therapy at home.

The sauna offers a high-temperature environment for inducing vasodilation, while the plunge tub, equipped with a chiller, offers the cold environment necessary for vasoconstriction. This combination allows users to easily switch between hot and cold immersion, harnessing the benefits of contrast therapy in a convenient and effective manner.

Incorporating contrast therapy into a regular wellness routine can lead to significant improvements in physical and mental health, making the Thermowood Mini-Cube Sauna and Plunge Tub Bundle an investment in long-term well-being.

Unveiling the Thermowood Mini-Cube Sauna

Innovative Heat Technology

  • Adjustable Seating Levels: Experience different heat intensities without adjusting the sauna’s temperature.
  • Efficient Harvia Electric Heater: Quick heating up to 195 F, offering a versatile wet or dry sauna experience.

Superior Construction

  • Resilient Thermowood Material: Heat-treated for enhanced durability and stability.
  • Elegant Scandinavian Design: Functional and visually appealing with energy-efficient construction.
  • Reliable Harvia Heater: Synonymous with quality in sauna heating.

Control Options

  • Simple Manual Controls: Easy-to-use for a straightforward experience.
  • Advanced Wi-Fi Controls: For convenience, these allow remote operation (available with an upgrade).

Easy Assembly

  • User-Friendly Design: The sauna kit is designed for simple self-assembly, suitable for those with basic DIY skills.

Alaskan Cold Plunge Tub Insights

Effective Cold Therapy

  • Diverse Health Benefits: Aids in recovery, immunity, mental health, and stress relief.
  • Built-in Electric Chiller: Maintains the optimal temperature for cold plunges.

Thoughtful Design

  • Ready-to-Use Setup: Comes fully assembled with an internal liner.
  • Eco-Friendly Thermowood: Durable and environmentally conscious.

For a full breakdown of the Alaskan Cold Plunge, head over to our comprehensive review article at!

Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive solution for hot and cold therapy
  • Long-lasting construction with high-quality materials
  • Bundling provides buyer with a more economical solution
  • Customizable with a variety of upgrade options
  • Designed for easy installation
  • Proven health benefits, enhancing both physical and mental wellbeing
  • Compact design with very little footprint


  • Additional costs for advanced features like Wi-Fi control
  • Additional cost for chiller upgrade
  • Size of sauna may not be sufficient for personal requirements

Customization Options and Additional Costs

Upgrade Choices

  • 8KW Harvia KIP Heater Upgrade: Add $300
  • 8KW Harvia KIP Wi-Fi Heater: Add $1,499 for remote control capabilities
  • HUUM Hive Drop Heater: A luxurious upgrade at $2,450
  • Deluxe Chiller + Heater for Plunge Tub: Additional $1,000 for optimal temperature control

Extra Accessories

  • Wooden Front Step: $99 for enhanced accessibility
  • Wooden Tub Cover: $99 for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene
  • Roof Shingles: $199 for additional durability and aesthetics
  • Outdoor Shower: $499 for a complete outdoor wellness setup

Financing Options

  • Available through Affirm 0% APR: For those who prefer to finance their purchase


The Thermowood Mini-Cube Sauna – Fire & Ice Bundle from Redwood Outdoors is an investment in comprehensive wellness.

At $9,399, with additional options for customization and upgrades, it offers a luxurious blend of functionality and style. This package is ideal for those dedicated to their health and wellness, providing a balanced combination of heat and cold therapy, right in the comfort of your home.

Get Hot.

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