Panorama Cabin Sauna by Salus Saunas: Experience Luxury and Nature in Harmony

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The Panorama Cabin Sauna by Salus Saunas is more than just a regular sauna. With its unique construction and thoughtful features, it aims to elevate the traditional sauna experience by blending it with the tranquility of the natural environment.

This is not a product that merely serves its purpose fundamentally, but rather, it enhances the notion of well-being and relaxation, making every sauna session a unique journey to rejuvenation.

Whether you’re a sauna aficionado or a newcomer to this healthful practice, this comprehensive review will provide an in-depth look at the Panorama Cabin Sauna’s standout qualities and offerings.

panorama cabin sauna

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At First Glance: A Breathtaking Blend of Luxury & Nature

When your eyes first meet the Panorama Cabin Sauna by Salus Saunas, you might have to blink twice, maybe even thrice. Is it a modern art installation? A minimalist greenhouse? No, it’s an architectural marvel that combines the luxury of a personal sauna with the splendor of nature.

The all-glass design, a rarity in the sauna world, immediately captures attention. It’s like a chameleon, reflecting and absorbing the beauty of its surroundings. If placed by a serene lake, it transforms into a tranquil retreat. If surrounded by a verdant garden, it becomes a lush oasis. And on a clear night? A celestial observatory where you can gaze at the stars while sweating out the stress of the day.

But let’s be honest, it’s not just about the beauty outside; the inside counts too. Step in, and you’ll be welcomed by the warm glow of cedar and the soothing scent of heated wood. The multi-level seating invites you to find your perfect spot, whether you’re a ‘top bench, high heat’ enthusiast or a ‘lower bench, mild heat’ kind of person. The simple, sleek lines of the interior design make a subtle statement of understated elegance.

And while we’re on the subject of interiors, let’s not forget the heaters. With a top tier Harvia M3 or Harvia Legend (additional $1200) wood burning stove and chimney heating assembly you can be sure the ambience will not be compromised. These heaters are as real as it gets, promising a steamy, soothing sauna experience that’s out of this world.

In essence, at first glance, the Panorama Cabin Sauna is a showstopper, a jaw-dropper, and a head-turner. It’s not just a sauna; it’s an aesthetic statement that announces to the world that you appreciate beauty, luxury, and a good sweat. And if that doesn’t make you the most interesting person in the neighborhood, we don’t know what will.

Unobstructed Views with All-Glass Design

Unlike traditional saunas, the Panorama Cabin Sauna stands out with its all-glass walls and ceilings, offering an immersive experience that truly connects you with your surroundings.

Whether you’re overlooking a tranquil lake, a flowing river, or a vibrant garden, the panoramic views transform your sauna session into a restorative retreat.

The ceiling of this glass sauna provides a unique opportunity to stargaze during evening sessions, adding a touch of magic to your wellness routine.

Customizable Sizing and Seating

The Panorama Cabin Sauna comes in two sizes to accommodate either four or six people, making it a versatile choice for both intimate and social settings. With the inclusion of multi-level seating, these saunas can accommodate various comfort preferences.

One would expect such a work of art to break the bank, but that simply is not the case with the Panorama Cabin. The 4-person option comes in at $11,995 + add-ons and if you’re in need of a little more space, the 6-person option comes in at $13,995 + add-ons, with financing options available through Affirm.

For specific dimension details, head over to Salus Saunas and check out here!

You can select from two bench designs: two double-level benches or a long “L” bench extension, providing you the flexibility to customize your sauna to your exact needs and preferences.

Premium Features and Upgrades

The Panorama Cabin Sauna isn’t short on luxury features. It comes with a bucket, ladle, thermometer, and tempered glass door, ensuring you have everything you need for an optimal sauna experience.

For those looking to further enhance their sauna, Salus offers numerous upgrade options. From bronze or grey tinted glass to mirrored glass, you can tailor your sauna to your aesthetic preferences.

Additional add-ons like LED mood lighting and black sauna cushions are also available.

For more options check out Salus’ accessory page here!

The Verdict


  • All-glass design offers panoramic views of surroundings providing a unique experience
  • Affordable in the realm of quality saunas
  • Available in two sizes, catering to different needs
  • High-end heater options, including smart control and traditional wood-burning stoves
  • Variety of upgrade options to enhance your sauna experience


  • Higher-end features and upgrades come with additional costs
  • All-glass design may not suit those seeking more privacy
  • All glass design may increase the cost of heating/increase heat up times due to the lack of insulation


The Panorama Cabin Sauna by Salus Saunas offers a unique and luxurious sauna experience. With its all-glass design, you can immerse yourself in nature while enjoying the health benefits of a sauna.

Whether you’re a sauna enthusiast or looking for a unique addition to your home, the Panorama Cabin Sauna is a unique investment and an absolute show stopper.

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Get Hot.


Q: How much does it cost to operate my sauna?

A: The cost of operating your sauna will depend on various factors including the type of heater you choose, the duration and frequency of your sauna sessions, and the local cost of electricity or wood, if you opt for a wood-burning stove. However, generally, saunas are energy-efficient and the operational cost is typically minimal.

Q: What is the warranty on your saunas?

A: Head over to Salus’ warranty page HERE for warranty details.

Q: How long does it take for shipping?

A: Salus’ cabin saunas only require 2 weeks to be delivered.

Q: Do you offer financing?

A: Salus offers financing through Affirm. Select Affirm at checkout, then enter a few pieces of info for a real-time decision. Pick the monthly payment plan that works best for you; you’ll never pay more than you agree to upfront. Make payments at or in the Affirm app, you’ll get email and text reminders to keep you on track!

Q: What type of maintenance is required?

A: Saunas, in general, require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning after use, ensuring proper ventilation, and occasionally treating the wood (if applicable) are some basic maintenance practices. For the Panorama Cabin Sauna’s glass walls and ceiling, regular cleaning with appropriate glass cleaners would keep them clear and sparkling. Always refer to the user manual or contact the manufacturer for the best practices related to maintenance and care.

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